... a product that is truly environmentally friendly,
totally inert and infinitely recyclable.

Plastic Wood – Synthetic Wood Products - Highwood UK

Amongst the vast range of synthetic wood products available we believe there is only one true environmental wood manufacturer that can genuinely produce plastic wood in the UK, an artificial wood that meets all your needs. That is, Highwood Consultants Ltd, the originators of synthetic wood products. The artificial wood that is being manufactured is a “plastic wood product that is truly environmentally friendly, totally inert and infinitely recyclable” and comes from a highly reputable environmental plastic wood manufacturer based in the UK with other agents and licence holders operating around the world.

This is an environmental manufacturer of synthetic wood products who is truly responding to the needs of forward looking architects around the UK by manufacturing a plastic wood or an artificial wood look product that has concern for the environment. This artificial wood product has an environmental friendly process that allows for anything up to 100% of recycled material to be contained within its artificial wood. Modern designers are quickly picking up on the benefits of using this range of plastic wood products for their projects and developments around the UK and the world at large.

The introduction of synthetic wood products in the form of artificial wood must also contain benefits that can be counted upon commercially too. Here in the UK plastic wood specifiers are always looking to ensure that the introduction of an environmental wood manufacturer contributes to the projects long term savings. Analysis of projects has shown time and again the whole life costs of environmental wood manufacturer; Highwood Consultant’s artificial wood is often lower than when using real wood. This plastic wood with virtually maintenance free qualities of synthetic wood products means that once the artificial wood is installed then with nothing other than general cleaning very little attention is required. The plastic wood product is UV stable and waterproof thus warding off most aspects of today’s changing weather here in the UK and abroad.